Clovis City Council gives two proclamations

The Clovis City Council gave two recognitions at its city council meeting on Monday.

The city first presented a proclamation recognizing Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.

Alexandra Addo-Boateng was one of the women who accepted the proclamation on behalf of the California Health Collaborative Maternal Wellness Coalition.

Addo-Boateng said maternal wellness is very important because it sets the foundation for the rest of the baby’s life.

“It impacts moms, babies and families, so if babies don’t get the best first five years of life, they’re not set up to be successful academically, emotionally and physically,” Addo-Boateng said.

Addo-Boateng recommends screening for women.

“All women in Fresno County should be screened from conception up to a year after the baby is born,” Addo-Boateng said.

“Moms are the best advocates for themselves in regards to expressing maternal depression,” adds Addo-Boateng. “But right now we are really educating the community. That includes professionals, schools and whoever interacts with moms and babies.”

The city also proclaimed the week of May 20-26 as National Public Works Week.

“The American Public Works Association sponsors once the year the National Public Works Week,” said Scott Redelfs, Clovis Public Utilities Director. “It’s a recognition of all the public utilities departments and general services. Basically, the whole public works encompasses all the maintenance within the city.”

Redelfs said the recognition is good, but he’s also happy when people don’t have to see the public utilities department.

“If they don’t see us, we know things are going good,” Redelfs said. “When they do see us, we are out there for emergency situation or taking care of a hydrant that got hit or something like that.”

Redelfs adds that the average person knows there is a lot going on in the city, but they might not understand the extent of what happens in public utilities.

“Our guys are doing a lot of work and they have an amazing commitment to the city,” Redelfs said.

The city will have a public works barbeque on May 23 as part of National Public Works Week.

Tomas Kassahun
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