Clovis City Council discusses big, beneficial changes for the near future

Photo by Ron Sundquist – Mayor Nathan Magsig, calls for a council vote.

By Jeanine Fiser, Reporter

Clovis residents can look forward to green lawns throughout the summer after emergency water usage limitations were lifted at the Clovis city council meeting Monday.

Lisa Koehn, assistant public utilities director, said the city is returning to a three-day-a-week outdoor watering schedule. Koehn said the change is a result of California allowing urban water suppliers to evaluate their supplies. She said based on the state’s water criteria Clovis has an adequate supply and will not need to reduce water usage.

“It’s good news for our customers,” Koehn said. “I don’t expect people will go back to using as much water as they did before, but it will allow people to keep their lawns alive.”

Other changes within the city discussed at the council meeting include the appointment of a new director of community and economic development. According to the City of Clovis website ( City Manager Rob Woolley announced Andrew Haussler will fill the director role starting July 1, 2016.

Haussler had been serving as deputy city manager since 2015. According to the city website, Woolley holds Haussler in high esteem.

“Andrew brings fresh ideas, a unique perspective, a collaborative attitude and a passion for Clovis to the position,” Woolley said.

Looking further ahead, Clovis will see updates to the transit system. During the council meeting, changes were made to the configuration of bus passes in preparation for an electronic system that will be implemented in September.

General Services Manager Shonna Halterman said the electronic fare boxes will offer riders many conveniences.

“Fresno has the electronic fare boxes in buses and now Clovis will have the same thing, so riders will be use the same cards on both lines,” Halterman said. “We just have to do a few more things for the system to be ready. Once it’s ready we will have a big roll out and let everyone know all about it.”

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