Clovis City Council Administers Code Enforcement Across Town

The Clovis City Council is photographed.(left to right) Mayor Pro-Tem Vong Mouanoutoua, Councilman Matt Basgall, Mayor Lynne Ashbeck, Councilwoman Diane Pearce, Councilman Drew Bessinger

May 8, 2023 – At the latest City Council meeting, a list of properties were highlighted as locations that have been cited for code enforcement across town.

These locations each have had certain citations due to reasons ranging from animal related nuisance to neighborhood conditions.

What the City of Clovis Code Enforcement team is looking for is “compliance” as was mentioned at the council meeting. 

The first step in citing is a warning and the first fine amount is fifty dollars, after which the fines can increase upward to $1000.

Citizens can be fined for a number of reasons such as having a car that needs to be towed away or overgrown weeds in one’s yard. 

Properties that were listed at the city council meeting have had up to thirty plus visits in some cases. 

If someone gets a citation they are able to appeal it through the City of Clovis.

Assistant City Manager Andy Haussler says each of the locations that were cited had the opportunity to appeal and either had not or had their appeals denied.

A few residents made their way to the meeting in last ditch efforts to appeal to the council not to allow for the abatements against their properties.

However, despite their claims, the council was not moved and voted to approve their city staff’s work, approving the liens on the properties. 

The liens will be put into place with the County of Fresno. Each property has had ample opportunities to pay those fines, says Haussler. 

Each of the property addresses were listed on the city council agenda and are listed below. 

2395 Beverly Avenue
607 Coventry Avenue
2951 Purvis Avenue
101 N. Pollasky Avenue
1495 Fourth Street
982 Rosebrook Drive
3155 Winery Avenue
1419 Chennault Avenue
339 W. Ashcroft Avenue
660 Barstow Avenue

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