Clovis Citizens Academy Welcomes Residents

Citizens Academy participants prepare to take a tour of the Fire Station.

Have you ever wondered how the City of Clovis runs or needed to get an answer about something city-related? You’ll get your questions answered at the Citizens Academy, offered by the City of Clovis. The most recent two-day workshop was held at the Clovis Police, and Fire Station, 1033 Fifth Street, Clovis, and was fun, free and engaging. Dinner was provided.

“This is the chance for residents to feel more connected to the city,” said Luke Serpa, City Manager.

Scheduled from 5:30 p. m. – 8:30 p. m., the class proved to be very popular.

Community members have benefitted from the workshop in past years, with comments and suggestions requested from participants. The most recent sessions reflected updates made to accommodate the busy schedules of residents.

“We are excited to bring back this program which provides a forum for Clovis residents to engage with representatives of the city,” explains Chad McCollum, Public Affairs and Information Supervisor.

The latest workshops took place on Sept. 18 and 25, 2019, with approximately 75 registrants.  Upon arrival at the station, participants were divided into two groups. Each group had specific activities, then switched the following week.

After dinner, one group took a tour around Clovis city limits in the Old Town Clovis Trolley while the other group stayed at the station. They took a tour of the police and fire stations and received a quick overview of Clovis history, fire and police departments, the city finances, and basics on how the city works.

The trolley ride included the directors of General Services, Planning and Development, Community and Economic Development and Public Utilities. In a comfortable and casual setting, the directors talked about their various departments, what they do, and new projects that were planned. Academy attendees asked questions and got answers on a one-to-one basis.

To further acquaint the group with the city, the trolley tour went by areas of interest across Clovis. This included new hotel site and home communities, trails and parks as well as Landmark Commons, location of the new Clovis Senior Activity Center and Transit Hub.

“This is an easy way to learn about Clovis,” said a new resident.”I feel as though I know more about what’s going on and why than just reading about it.”

Due to resident interest, October sessions were scheduled then quickly filled. However, if you didn’t get a spot in 2019, just wait. More Citizens Academy meetings are planned for 2020.

Another way to learn about what is going on in Clovis is to attend City Council meetings. The public is welcome, encouraged to attend, and may address the Council on any item on the agenda.

City Council meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. on the first, second, and third Mondays of each month unless such Monday is a legal holiday. In that event, the meeting will be held on the next business day at 6:00 p.m.

“We’re here for you. You know who to call if you need us,” said Council Member, Lynne Ashbeck. “It’s about you engaging with us. This is about your city. The strength of Clovis is you know this is here for you.”