Clovis Chamber Hosts Blood Drive

Did you know that just one pint of donated blood can save three people or six babies’ lives?

The Central California Blood Center was in Old Town Clovis taking blood donations outside the Clovis Chamber of Commerce building.

“The number one reason people don’t donate is that they are not educated, there is a national shortage we are at a critical low,” says Ralph Ramirez, Account Executive Central California Blood Center.

Ramirez said the importance of donating blood is to pay it forward, more importantly, do not wait for it to hit home or a loved one who will need that blood donation.

The Central California Blood Center relies heavily on blood donations, even if there is a pandemic going on. They take all precautions with taking temperatures, the routine of screening, and going over medical history.

It is safe to donate in the midst of a pandemic.

“People who need elective surgeries will have their surgeries pushed backed because there is no blood on hand for them. I know one incident where someone died because their elective surgery was canceled because the blood bank was so low,” says Elisa Bompadre, Second-time Blood Donor.

Bompadre is a Fresno paramedic, and she knows the importance of giving blood.

“I feel like someone who serves the community as a medical professional, it’s my duty to continue to serve even on my days off,” says Bompadare.

A person does not need to know their blood type to donate; Central California Blood Center will type the blood.

The process of donating blood only takes eight to ten minutes.

For more information on blood donation, visit

Tori Lavon
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