Clovis Animal Services Website Brings Services to Light

It’s been over one year since Clovis Animal Services launched their new website and it has seen some positive results.

The Clovis Animal Services launched a new website on September 8, 2020 that helps not only bring to light the services that Clovis gives to animals, but also help the community find and report lost pets. Since its launch, the website has helped animal services see a growth in found pets and also reuniting pets who are lost to their owners.

This website has been a big help not only reuniting owners and pets, but also showing the services that Clovis is looking to provide to help animals in the community.

Manager of Clovis Animal Services, Betty Cochran, explains how this website has shown just how important animals are to the City of Clovis.

“People finding it and engaging in it now know that we exist,” Cochran said. “Sometimes people don’t know we exist because we’re not as big as SPCA or Fresno Humane, so it kind of puts us out there is a shelter in Clovis and this is what we do so it helps a lot.”

Clovis Animal Services is an organization not only working with the Clovis Police Department, but also works with Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center to not only try and recover reported lost animals, but give them the best care possible and look to find pets a comforting home.

Supervisor of Miss Winkles, Erin Ford talks about the benefits of this website and the organization of how Clovis runs their animal department.

“What we’re trying to do is establish good practices, let more people know about us, but then also let people know more about what we do and how we’re trying to help,” Ford said. “Not only the animals in our care, but the animals throughout our community and really utilize modern practices and modern tools to maximize our place in the community.”

George Rodriguez from Clovis Animal Services echoed this message stating how well both organizations Clovis Animal Services and Miss Winkles have worked together. The practices they use to make sure all animals are well taken care of from the time they are found to the time they find a new home.

“I’m amazed in the quality of work they provide,” Rodriguez said. “I would like the community to know that if you’re animal happens to get lost and finds its way to Betty’s facility, that that animal’s going to get cared for extremely well and if the owner for some reason isn’t found, that animals going to be treated at a vet, if it needs vet care, and cared for at Betty’s side until it’s ready for adoption. From there it’ll be taken to Miss Winkles Pet Adoption Center.”

Even if you do not work for animal services, there are many ways you can help. Sharing screenshots of pets from the animal service website via social media platforms (Facebook, Nextdoor, Twitter, etc.) and signing up for weekly newsletters on the Clovis Animal Services website are some ways you can help animals find their way to their owners or a new home.

If you would like to volunteer for Clovis Animal Services or want more information about where you can report a lost or found pet, you can visit the Clovis Animal Services website at You can also call or text the Animal Response Team at 559-324-2450.

Fun Fact: November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. If you want to adopt an animal, senior animals are a good option if you’re looking for a great companion that won’t need much training. Ask the shelter for more information about an older animal if you’re concerned about health issues in a possible adoption option.

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