Clovis Animal Services to Help Creek Fire Victims

Clovis Animal Services (CAS) was unveiled a new website which features new resources for pet owners. The focus of the website,, will be reuniting lost pets with their owners.

With the Creek Fire burning out of control, displacing mountain community residents and their pets, CAS is extending their services to help them reunite with their furry friends.

“We are incredibly proud to share this new website with the residents of Clovis and surrounding communities,” said Erin Ford-Horio, Supervisor of Animal Services. “We believe this will be a great new resource to help reunite pet owners with lost pets and will help move us closer to our mission of building a Model Community for Animal Care.”

The website also has information on animal care and resources on being a pet owner.

“We hope to encourage our community to be more involved in helping reunite stray animals with their families,” said Betty Cochran, Supervisor of Animal Services. “We need the community’s support to reduce the number of stray animals in need of care and new homes, and we feel this new website is a great step toward that goal.”

For more information, contact Erin Horatio-Ford at (559) 324-2476 or go to