A Cleaner Window Cleaning Solution: Local Business Goes Green!

Version 2By Central Valley Window Cleaning | Contributed

It’s no mystery that pollution is a major problem for the Central Valley. Vehicle exhaust has given us some of the worst air quality in the country, and harmful vehicle fluids and chemicals have even been found in our groundwater supply. We can all feel the effects of these environmental stresses, and together we can take action to create a cleaner future for many generations to come. Central Valley Window Cleaning is a local small business that continues to focus its energy on the “green and clean” movement, helping to improve our community’s air and water by offering a 5-star, eco-friendly window cleaning service.

“Central Valley Window Cleaning continues to increase its environmental awareness and uses only biodegradable, pet-friendly cleaning solutions. We practice water-conserving, dripless window cleaning methods, which can clean all of the windows in a 4,000 square-foot home using less than five gallons of water,” said CVWC account manager Madeline Dana. “We find that these cleaning techniques actually work better than conventional practices; windows are clear, bright, and streak-free, without wasting water or putting our health at risk. We don’t want our employees or clients to be breathing toxic fumes, and we’re grateful to provide a truly clean space for all of us.”

As of 2016, Central Valley Window Cleaning (CVWC) has taken another industry-leading step by modernizing its mobile service fleet to be 100 percent electric. This local business has joined mobile service industry leaders like FedEx, UPS and Frito-Lay as the modern day cowboys of clean, sustainable, all-electric transportation.

cvwc-electric-kia-1There are numerous advantages of switching to electric. Not only do drivers get to help reduce their carbon footprint by investing in electric vehicles (EVs), they also qualify for significant Federal tax rebates on EV purchases of up to $7,500. In California, drivers can qualify for State tax rebates of up to $5,000. The electricity required to drive an EV a distance of 15,000 miles costs less than $540, which represents a substantial savings over gasoline. Additionally, EVs require no regular oil changes, no transmission service, and no coolant flushes.

“The Central Valley is a great place to test new ideas, and we believe that our commitment to safe environmental practices will continue to pave the way for other local small businesses to do the same,” said office manager Anna Moore. “The CVWC teams drive thousands of miles each year, servicing homes and businesses from Modesto to Bakersfield, which makes the shift to EVs a small choice with a large impact.”

There have been other unexpected benefits of driving electric as well. While powering up at the new charging station on Herndon and Willow Avenues last month, CVWC was able to clean all of the windows at the delicious Clovis Cakery, Nothing Bundt Cakes, just in time to unplug and get back on the road. With over 25 public charging stations in the Central Valley and more on the way, charging up is a snap. CVWC looks forward to servicing more storefronts in these EV-friendly shopping centers and even offers special rates to businesses in close proximity to charging stations.

If this company’s example of environmental progress inspires you to make the greener choice, an EV could be the next step for you. Many progressive dealerships in Clovis offer all-electric vehicles, such as Hedrick’s Chevrolet located on Shaw and Highway 168. Just across the street from Hedrick’s, Future Kia of Clovis has recently announced that they are only weeks away from becoming an authorized EV service center.

With trend-setting transportation and progressive cleaning methods, CVWC strives to create excellent service without sacrifices to the Valley’s air and water quality. As consumers and business owners, we all have the opportunity to make the environment a priority when considering an investment. Whether it’s purchasing an EV or choosing a green company as your service provider, we can vote with our dollars to create a cleaner, healthier community.