How to Clean Your Rain Gutters Like the Pros at CVWC

By Central Valley Window Cleaning | Contributed

At Central Valley Window Cleaning, we know from experience that rain gutter cleaning is one of the most challenging and essential tasks on a home maintenance checklist. Despite its importance, this “must-do” project is commonly put off by homeowners who procrastinate until well into the rainy season before they don their weekend warrior outfits to tackle the job.

Putting off a critical undertaking like rain gutter cleaning increases the risk of potential damage to a home, and makes the clean up mission much more demanding to accomplish. Fortunately, Central Valley Window Cleaning has created a crash course in rain gutter maintenance to help you preserve your home and safety. Read on for the crucial information that every homeowner should know.

Protecting Your Investment:

The challenge with clogged rain gutters is more than just those epic tidal waves barreling off your roof during stormy weather. This overflow can be a total wipe out to many other areas of your home as well. Here are the four primary hazards of unkempt rain gutters:

  1. When overflowing with thick, rain-soaked debris, rain gutters can become so stressed that they will be partially or fully pulled off of homes.
  2. While falling rain gutters can be costly, the greatest expense comes from replacing light fixtures and windows which get smashed as rain gutters plummet.
  3. Gushing water from rain gutters can also deteriorate a home’s siding and paint, which leads to unattractive water marks and dramatically diminished curb appeal.
  4. Aside from cosmetic issues, water can cause wooden walls to rot and weaken, which can lead to a point of no return for the integrity of a home.

A Professional Touch:

If you intend to outsource your rain gutter cleaning this season, make sure you protect your home and family by choosing a fully-insured, 5-star Yelp-rated company like Central Valley Window Cleaning to get the job done safely and properly. If you decide you want to get out your ladder and DIY your rain gutter cleaning, here is our iron-clad, simple gameplan on how to hit a homerun on the project and earn major bonus points with your family.

Your Materials List:

  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  • Debris container (bag or bucket)
  • Plastic rain gutter scoop
  • Microfiber towels
  • Garden hose and jet stream nozzle
  • Digital or cell phone camera

Your Success Checklist:

  1. Clean out all rain gutter interiors using rain gutter scoop and debris container;
  2. Flush all downspouts using garden hose and jet stream nozzle;
  3. Wipe off front of all rain gutter fascia using microfiber towels;
  4. Clear any debris that may have been swept upon surrounding walkway areas;
  5. Take “before” and “after” pictures of interior of rain gutters so you can “wow” your family with your job well done.

Still hesitant on doing this yourself? If you decide you’d rather stay in and bake an apple pie than battle rain gutter debris, call our pros and we will clean your rain gutters while you keep your eye on the oven. We are available by phone at (559) 709-3783, and we look forward to keeping your home running clearly! One way or another, pushing this duty to the bottom of your agenda could end up being a very costly oversight. If cleaned regularly, your rain gutters will offer the protection that your home and family deserve.