City of Clovis Loses Some Ground…Literally

(City of Clovis YouTube)

The City of Clovis passed approvals that took away acreage controlled by the city sphere of influence.

The Clovis City Council Meeting took place on Monday, Nov 1 and was a shorter meeting than usual. However, the meeting did not go without some changes to some land influenced by the City of Clovis. 

The proposed resolutions were based on the City of Clovis Sphere of Influence (SOI) reducing acreage from more or less 1050 acres to more or less than 155 acres. This would allow preparation and submission of an application to the Fresno County Local Agency Formation (LAFCo.) Commission by Wilson Premier Homes.

It would also allow the City Manager to execute an amendment to a previously executed consultant between City of Clovis and De Novo Planning Group (De Novo) for preparation of an Environmental Impact Report and other services that will be needed.

The proposed land reduction would be cut down from Sunnyside between Shepherd and Behymer Avenues to Sunnyside between Shepherd and Perrin Avenues. If any homeowners outside of the proposed reduced acreage would still like to be a part of the City of Clovis, they will need to contact the city for further steps. 

While from an outscope this could cause those property owners on the outside of the sphere to become annexed, this isn’t particularly true. Dirk Poeschel of Dirk Poeschel Land Development Services gave some clarity on this.

“The proposal would be to have the sphere changed, but the sphere isn’t necessarily annexation so that would be its own independent action,” Poeschel said. “So, it’s theoretical that they can be within the sphere and never annex.”

Now that these proposals have been approved, city staff and the applicant will take the steps necessary. That means an application will be made and sent to LAFCo., applicant and staff will determine the entitlements needed for the revised project, and additional neighborhood meetings will be held during the process.

For more information on this new proposed reduction of Clovis Sphere of Influence and other concerns, you can visit the full meeting on the City of Clovis YouTube page and City of Clovis website under Agendas.

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