City of Clovis get Creative with Canned Food Drive

The winning sculpture by Team “Can”structors. (Haley McKell/Clovis Roundup)

City of Clovis hosted their 3rd annual canned food sculpting contest and food drive on Friday, Nov. 22. 

Becky Wharton, Principal Office Assistant for City of Clovis came up with the idea of starting a canned food drive. Except, this canned food drive has a creative twist. 

City staff from different departments team up to build innovative sculptures with the cans that are donated. 

The teams are set up around November 1st. They meet once or twice a week and come with ideas and how they are going to build and engineer it.

They only have a couple of hours to build their sculpture. “It takes a lot of teamwork,” Wharton said. 

The designs are then judged to determine a winner. This year, the judges were City Manager Luke Serpa and Economic Development Director Andy Haussler. 

After the winner is decided, the Salvation Army weighs the cans and then distributes them to local families in need. 

“We feel good it’s a team building event for our office and then it does good for the community that we work in and serve,” Wharton said.

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