City of Clovis’ Andy Soldo retires after 20 years

Andy Soldo retires after 20 years of serving with various departments within the City of Clovis on December 30,2019.

Andy Soldo retired from the City of Clovis on Dec. 30, 2019 after 20 years of service. 

Soldo was born in Philadelphia, but was raised mostly in San Diego. In 1974 he joined the United States Military Academy, also known as West Point, Army in New York. He then served as an infantry officer in 1978 for six years. 

Soldo was hired on with the Clovis Police Department as a dispatcher in 1999. From there he moved to the finance department, and eventually to Human Resources in 2012 where he finished his employment.

When asked what made him want to work as a dispatcher for the Clovis Police Department Soldo responded, “I wanted to eat and it was a good job, I thought it could provide a foot in the door with the city to do some other things as well, it did prove to me that.”

During his time with the police department Soldo enjoyed the teamwork between the officers and dispatchers. 

“It was being able to work with and support the officers that are out there that actually do such a tremendous job,” Soldo said. “People don’t really realize the extent of the partnership that exists between the dispatcher and officers.”

Soldo eventually transferred to the HR department building a portfolio providing benefits for city employees. 

“I liked it because it really gave me an opportunity to help people,” Soldo said. “Whether its health benefits, life insurance, various financial situations and different things like that, there was just lots of opportunity to help people.” 

Because Soldo has spent most of his life working he plans to first “get his feet on the ground” and settle into this change of pace. 

He is very active at Free Grace Fresno Church and is currently on the pastoral staff but has plans to give full time to ministry. “It’s a great little church, I’m really excited about it.” Soldo said. 

The Clovis Roundup staff wants to wish Andy Soldo a long and happy retirement. Thank you for the years of hard work and service with the City of Clovis. 

Haley McKell
Haley Graduated from Fresno State in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications & Journalism. While her emphasis is Multimedia Haley took classes on reporting and media writing. She has a passion for her major and strives to be versatile as she can in her field. During her last semester at Fresno State she was an intern at CMAC. She gained hands on experience working on live productions for the community.