City Approves EIR And Master Plan of 900+ Acres

Clovis City Council (Photo J.T. Gomez Clovis Roundup)

Despite the dissatisfaction of multiple Clovis residents present at Monday’s City Council meeting, the Clovis Council decided to move forwards on an agreement with De Novo Planning Group. 

The De Novo Planning Group originally had a plan to prepare an Environmental Impact Report over a year ago but were halted from doing so when an endangered salamander was found in the area. 

Originally, 1050+ acres of land were in plans for the De Novo group but had that number reduced to around 155. Now, with Monday’s approval, +/- 923 acres of land has been given the go-ahead to continue with its Environmental Impact Report or (EIR). 

Opponents to the plan came from several Clovis residents who had concerns regarding timing and reach of the reports. One citizen stated that not enough time was given to residents of the area to make a decision on whether or not they would approve of the plan. That same citizen also claimed that pamphlets that were delivered to the area were not delivered to everyone. 

The area in question according to the Clovis City Council agenda is between Sunnyside Avenue and North Carson Avenue (Big Dry Creek Dam). 

Other opponents to the plan claimed that with the planning and possible future construction of the area, traffic hazards and connection to the City’s water would be bothersome for residents. 

Ultimately, the council decided to go ahead with the planning. 

Citing mandates from the state, Councilman Vong Mouanoutoua stated, “There’s two ways to do it: One is, ‘Don’t grow anymore’, plant all of those 10,000 homes on top of each other…or we can be smart about it, increase the sphere, and plan for these 10,000 homes and allow it to grow and to develop in a smart way in that there’s developers, there’s our planners.” 

Mouanoutoua was citing the second part of the administrative item that states that the City of Clovis would also increase their sphere of influence in order to industrialize these 900+ acres of land. 

Mayor Jose Flores believes that problems such as these are uniquely owned by Clovis in how he calls the city “ of the fastest growing cities in the Valley.” 

“They come here for all kinds of reasons- education, safe streets, and an environment that people know that their families and businesses can thrive….It’s been this team’s effort that as we grow Clovis, it’s done in a smart way.”

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