Centers For Living Formally Introduces Self to City Council

At the most recent Clovis City Council meeting, a non-profit organization called “Centers For Living” introduced themselves to the city council. The Centers for Living is a non-profit that is “committed to providing a safe, sober, and empowering housing environment for people in transition.”

Their website lists “people in transition” as those who can relate to the following different circumstances such as homelessness, incarceration, job loss, grief, divorce, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, etc.

Leaders from the Centers For Living organization spoke to the council about the services they provide including housing, and the challenges they have faced throughout their run.

“It’s based on clients trying to contribute on their own, to have that buy in. The challenge is they come in to us, broken.”

Leaders explained that their “pay as they stay” model comes with benefits through “safe, sustainable housing environments.” The main idea is to transition those who come for help into independence.

Members from the “Centers For Living” organization then went on to state how they’ve recently come into the Clovis community through the “2nd Chance Thrift Store” on Clovis and Shaw avenue. 100% of their revenue from that thrift store goes to employing those who work at the store and back into their organization to help those who are in need.

This thrift store is related to the “second” part of the Centers For Living’s enterprise as they attempt to create businesses and entrepreneurships that help those trying to make the transition to daily life.

The leaders then mentioned the issue of homelessness is in Clovis and that they even see homelessness from the front of their thrift store. They went on to speak about how a helping hand can go so much further than negative energy.

“It stems from love as well, we try not to sound too, kind of, too pious or anything like that, but we definitely have learned that if you show love instead of shame, you can almost love someone back into sobriety.”

To the council directly, they relayed, “We just wanted you to know that we’re here and are extending our help….We’re not looking for anything, we’re just wanting to let you know that we’re here.”

Councilman Drew Bessinger praised the efforts of the Centers For Living nonprofit stating, “You have mental health breakdowns, you can get some treatment, but there’s no long-term assistance. Same thing with alcoholism…I know it’s difficult.”

You can learn more about the Centers for Living program and organization at their website where you can also find a link to donate and video’s describing who they are and what their mission is.

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