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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ag at large: Popular weed-killer chemical under review

Among certain growers of a few California crops, an established weed control chemical has become as common as bread and butter. They cringe when they...

Food Review: Bottleneck Bistro

Are you looking to satisfy your burger craving? Take your craving to Old Town Clovis and try Bottleneck Bistro. The local restaurant offers a variety...

Clovis East welcomes feeder schools for a night of celebration and baseball

Students and administrators from Clovis East area feeder schools graced the Timberwolves’ baseball diamond before the varsity game against the Clovis High Cougars. The young...

Gavin’s Law looking to close loophole benefiting DUI Hit-and-Runs

SACRAMENTO – After emotional testimony from the wife of a fatal hit-and-run victim, the Assembly Public Safety Committee voiced their support for closing the loophole in state law that actually...