Captain Curt Fleming confirmed as new Chief, B.O.O.T receives 30 year anniversary proclamation at City Council

Capt. Curt Fleming shakes the hand of Mayor Bessinger and councilmembers after he was appointed new Clovis Police Chief. PHOTO BY RON SUNDQUIST/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

During City Council’s meeting on June 17, various agenda items were discussed and approved.

Chief Matt Basgall’s successor, Captain Curt Fleming, was approved and confirmed as Clovis’ new police chief.

City Manager Luke Serpa explained that Fleming is entering the new position with over 20 years of experience, 13 with Clovis PD.

“Clovis is a really special place,” Fleming said as he addressed the councilmembers.

Fleming also praised Chief Basgall for his work and commitment to the police department, even emphasizing that Chief Basgall hired close to half of the Clovis Police Department within the past five years.

The city’s councilmembers then took turns and offered their congrats to Fleming.

“Congratulations…I know you’ll lead a great group of officers,” Jose Flores, councilmember, said.

“You have a good staff to support you. You have a great community that supports the [police department],” Mayor Drew Bessinger said.

Clovis’ Business Organization of Old Town was also recognized at the meeting; B.O.O.T. recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Members from the nonprofit organization all gave their appreciation for the Clovis community. The members expressed that B.O.O.T. maintains an organizational membership that is reflective of the diversity in Old Town Clovis. Additionally, members pointed out that B.O.O.T. hosts over 80 weekend events throughout the calendar year.

After recognitions were given to Capt. Fleming and Clovis B.O.O.T., public comments were opened up. Information for the 2020 United States Census was given, concerns about pets in the Clovis Senior Center were raised, and a map for new land development on the corner of Bullard and Leonard Avenues was discussed.

Councilmembers made their final comments before the public session was adjourned.