Blue Fire Continues to Burn Near Shaver

This map shows where the fire started with regard to Fresno County and Shaver Lake.
(Source: National Agency Fire Center)

A wildfire erupted Tuesday, June 29 at 4:30 p.m. near Big Creek Road and Soaproot Saddle Road, 6 miles from Shaver Lake moving northwest.

Roughly 175 firefighters and crews have been working on extinguishing this fire that has burned 400 acres of brush and dead trees. Starting at 25% containment on Wednesday, crews have been able to get up to 75% containment as of Thursday. 

The direction of the Blue Fire has led to a sort of barrier that was created from the wildfire known as the Creek Fire that burned up to 380,000 acres last fall.

Another threat of wildfires is right around the corner, but this time it’s not just the drought that is causing worry. 

Due to the Fourth of July coming up, the threat of fireworks being a fire hazard has increased the amount of precautions in the community. 

As the Fourth of July approaches, it is important to know some fire safety measures. 

According to the Red Cross, it is recommended to make a family emergency communication plan(s), a family meeting spot, and ensure that all family members know at least two escape routes from each room in the house. Also, limit exposure to dust and bad air quality by closing windows, if there is smoke get as low to the ground as possible. 

When it comes to wildfires specifically, Red Cross suggests to back vehicle(s) up to the escape route so it’s easy to take off if necessary, confine pets to one room so it’s easy to find them, and pack an emergency bag, or go bag, in your car in case the fire starts while you’re away. 

There is a plan for evacuation emplaced on areas around Bretz Mill Campground that came out on Wednesday set in place by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. 

The cause of Blue Fire is still under investigation as it continues to burn.  

Sydney Morgan, currently a junior at Fresno State University, grew up in the sleepy town of Templeton, CA. With Lester Holt and Carrie Bradshaw as her journalist role models, she considers herself to have a more creative approach to her news and entertainment stories.