Biker Arrested For Reckless Driving

21-year-old Adrian Lopez of Porterville. (Courtesy of Clovis PD)

Clovis PD with the assistance from the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and Fresno PD, arrested a man yesterday for failure to stop, felony evading and reckless driving.

It began yesterday afternoon when an estimated 200 motorcycle riders rode into Clovis in the Peach and Shepherd area.

The bikers were blocking traffic and burning circles around the intersection, which prompted a response from Clovis PD.

As officers arrive, they were able to break up the gathering and clear the intersection. As they rode away, some of the bikers did wheelies while giving the “one finger salute” to the officers, according to Clovis PD.

When officers turned on their lights an attempt to stop the bikers, one in particular rode off running through several red lights at high speeds. Officers did not pursue but had the Fresno County Sheriff’s Eagle One helicopter above, stay on him.

The biker did not get far, he was detained by Fresno PD near Fresno State.

He was identified as 21-year-old Adrian Lopez of Porterville. He was booked into Fresno County Jail.

Clovis PD warns the dangers of reckless driving as Clovis has had four fatal motorcycle accidents this year already, with one occurring just last Wednesday.