Bessinger looks for reelection in Clovis, makes safety priority

Drew Bessinger is running for reelection for City Council come Mar. 5, 2019. COURTESY OF CITY OF CLOVIS

Finishing his first two-year term on the Clovis City Council, Drew Bessinger is looking for a new four-year term.

With the support of people and organizations such as Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, Clovis Police and Fire Fighters Associations, Bessinger hopes for success in the upcoming Clovis City Council election on March 5.

Bessinger is one of four candidates fighting for three positions, running against newcomer Maeketah Rivera, as well as incumbents Jose Flores and Bob Whalen.

“I want to continue to serve the citizens of Clovis,” Bessinger said. “I’m a 35-year resident. My children are Clovis Unified kids. My wife has lived here in Clovis for 60 years, so I want to continue to serve.”

Bessinger, who joined the United States Army as a Military Police Officer in 1975, moved to Clovis in 1984.

He served in various roles with the Clovis Police Department and retired in 2017. Bessinger then began a second career, serving as the Police Chief for the City of Atwater in Merced County.

“I have been in public service all of my adult life,” Bessinger said. “I’m well into four decades of public service. It’s in my blood. It’s what I want to continue to do.”

Since his election to the Clovis City Council in 2017, Bessinger was appointed as the Mayor Pro-Tem, presiding over council meetings and serving in other positions when the mayor is unavailable.

“Clovis is a tight-knit community,” Bessinger said. “We have more in common than we disagree about. We all want good schools, safe neighborhoods, well-planned community events and development. We want wants best for our families and children, which makes it much easier to govern.”

Bessinger said it’s important to try to bring back Clovis’ police staffing to where it was before the recession. He adds that a new fire station is needed in southeast Clovis.

For economic development, Bessinger said he’s focused on helping bring businesses that will give people in Clovis good paying jobs.

“Clovis is continuing to grow,” Bessinger said. “My vision is that we continue to be the safest city in the Valley, that our public services are such that the people in Clovis will be satisfied and proud. We have to do all of that while we try to keep a small town feel.”

Bessinger can be reached on his Facebook page, @drew4clovis17.

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