Another earthquake hit California

On July 5, an earthquake hit California near Ridgecrest — this is the third earthquake in two days, all coming from near the city.

This earthquake occurred along the same fault as a July 4 quake.

According to various reports, the rupture was 10 to 15 miles long and lasted close to 10 seconds. While the estimated magnitude is said to be close to or at 7, an exact number is yet to be given. This earthquake occurred around 8:20 p.m. and was much larger than Ridgecrest’s first quake on July 4 (which was rated at an already-strong 6.4).

While this earthquake had its epicenter near Ridgecrest (specifically, between Bakersfield and the Mojave Desert), it was felt beyond the area. The earthquake was felt as far as San Francisco down to Mexico.

Clovis residents reported feeling the ground shift, indoor objects moving, and water splashing out of pools.