Animal Services Called After Residents Find Stray Dog on Roof

Clovis Animal Services along with police and fire departments were able to safe bring down a stray German Shepherd from a roof in west Clovis. (Courtesy of Clovis Animal Services)

This morning, Clovis Police Department received a call regarding a stray dog on the roof of a residence.

Clovis Animal Services as well as Clovis Fire were also called to the scene and found a German Shepherd in distressed on a roof.

With a ladder, Clovis firefighters and an animal service officer climbed the roof.  The animal service officer was able to give a light sedative to calm the dog before safely bringing it down from the roof.

Once down from the roof, Clovis Animal Services was able to scan the dog’s microchip. The owner was contacted.

“We’re grateful for the concerned citizen who called about this incident and for the assistance of our Police Department and the Clovis Fire Department in rescuing a dog in distress,” said Megan Harlan, a Clovis Animal Services Officer who responded to the scene. “We’re so glad to have been able to help rescue her and reunite her with her family.”

If residents spot a stray animal or need help with an animal, please contact Clovis Animal Services at (559) 32402450 or visit