Andy Haussler, Assistant City Manager

March 14, 2023 – 17 years ago, I began the process of competing for a position to work at the City of Clovis.

I joined the City in a non-management position with the principal task of bringing additional resources to Clovis’ neighborhoods through grants for infrastructure, housing, and business development.

It was a bit of a risky move for me as it was a perceived step-down compared to my then-current role, but I knew there was something special about serving the community in which I lived.

I had a skill set the City’s residents needed and I was happy I could make a difference in neighborhoods and families that were my own neighbors.

Fast forward 17 years and I now know that coming to work for the City of Clovis was the best professional decision I have ever made.

The City of Clovis has indeed utilized the skills I brought with me to the role, and I am proud to say, the community is better for it. But I have gotten as much, if not more, from my time working at the City.

The City of Clovis has invested in me through countless hours of trainings, supporting me through graduate school, and offering me opportunities to apply my efforts to meaningful projects. I am a much better person today than I was 17 years ago.

My family has benefited as well.  The stability the City has provided has allowed my spouse and three kids to flourish and the City has allowed me to be part of that with flexibility to be at a performances, competitions, and other events.

I got to be part of the community through my family, which would not have happened, if not for the City of Clovis.

But as I reflect on this remarkable experience, if someone asked me why I work for the City of Clovis, my answer wouldn’t be what I have described.

There are a lot of great employers here in Clovis. Employers we are proud to have and provide great opportunities as well.

No, it would be the deep impact the City of Clovis has on the families who call our City home, which allows them  to reach their full potential.

That is something unique to a City as an entity.  We are in the business of creating opportunity for all families to flourish and that is something that is worthy of a life of service.

Allowing a family to reach its full potential requires stability which includes such things as safety, economic opportunities, access to a top-notch education, quality housing, places to play, and transportation. All of this takes critical planning for the City as it grows.

Being part of a team that is focused on creating an environment where a family can pursue education, better jobs, enjoy life in their community at various events, a park, or a youth league all while having the stability of great streets and water supply, personal safety  provided by police and fire, and high-quality housing is something that is extremely satisfying.

That is why I have chosen to work for my City, the City of Clovis. I hope to be here for many years to come. I am here investing, planning, and working to create opportunities for the Clovis family to flourish for the next generation and beyond.

As with many employers, the City could use a few more Clovis residents to consider employment at the City.

Come, join us, bring your skills to the team.  Keep an eye on job postings and if there is a good fit come be part of our team.  The Clovis family needs you.