9-11 Memorial Expansion begins at Never Forget Lane

Construction of the 9-11 Memorial expansion began at 7 a.m. on June 17. PHOTO BY ELIZABETH MAGNO/CLOVIS ROUNDUP

The California 9-11 Memorial began its expansion on June 17 at 3500 Never Forget Lane (formerly Pelco Way).

The expansion will include replicas of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon at a 1/100th scale, limited edition bronze statues of first responders, and storyboards for the education of future generations on the terrorist attack. The storyboards will be placed around the memorial site so that visitors can experience the memorial while also reading from the boards.

The models of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon will have the names of the first responders and military personnel who died in the attacks inscribed on their stone. Furthermore, civil engineers developed a design that incorporates the position of the sun to cast light on the bronze statues at the exact time of the first attack (roughly 8:45 a.m.) and the shadow on the Pentagon at the exact site of impact.

“This is one of the biggest 9-11 memorials in the western United States,” Jerry Cook, the chair of the Board of Directors, said. “And, one of the important things we want to incorporate about this memorial is ‘honor, educate, remember.’”

The memorial serves to honor those fallen in the terrorist attack; educate visitors on the events that played out on 9-11; and remember the moment in history so that it would never be forgotten.

When the expansion is complete, the memorial will be fully ADA compliant. Ramps will be available for individuals who require the use of wheelchairs.

A rendering of the California 9-11 Memorial expansion. The memorial is set to be open on Sept. 11, 2019. CONTRIBUTED

All costs associated with the expansion are being paid for through private donations. The memorial is expected to open on Sept. 11, 2019, with music and orchestras, demonstrations of equipment that was used by first responders, art and poems from Fresno Unified students, a keynote speaker, and the initial viewing of the newly-completed memorial.

According to Randi Carter, the Publicity Committee Chair at Cook Land Development, a competition called “One Voice” was opened to students in the seventh through 12th grades. The premise of this competition is to allow participants to submit a creative poem that reflects their thoughts on the events of 9-11 and how it affects them. The competition ended on June 3 and is now in the voting stages. The winner of the competition will be announced during the memorial’s grand opening.