12th Annual Bonsai Yard Sale to be held at Clovis Botanical Gardens

The 12th annual Bonsai Yard Sale will be taking place at the Clovis Botanical Garden on Saturday, Nov. 14. (Image by Judy Boyle from Pixabay)

Growing a tree to its full size might be a challenge if there is a lot of care and limited space.

What If that Tree was only 3-feet tall?

The Fresno Bonsai Society will be hosting their 12th annual Bonsai Yard Sale at Clovis Botanical Gardens on 945 N. Clovis Ave., just north of Alluvial and Clovis Avenues.

The event is free from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on November 14.

Growing Bonsai is an art form in itself, the techniques of pruning and slowly manipulating the shape as it grows.

“Bonsai is a combination of art and nature,” says Mike Saul, President of the Fresno Bonsai Society.

Bonsai trees are passed down through generations as they can live to be about 100-years-old. Vendors across the states will be there to supply tools and material for any level of Bonsai enthusiast.

Participants will be informed more about the history of the small trees and their significance.

There will also be a silent plant auction hosted by The Clark Bonsai Collect of the Shinzen Friendship Garden at Woodward Park.

“We are looking forward to sharing this with those who are interested and curious,” says Saul.

For more information, contact Mike Saul at (559) 696-8048 or email tinytreeme@sbcglobal.net.

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