Why You Need More Than a Gardner

By Jeff Kollenkark, Weedman | Contributed

On occasion, we get customers who say, “Please cancel my account, my gardener will handle everything.” If you have found a gardener that truly understands turf science and is licensed to handle and apply turf lawn chemicals, by all means hang onto that guy. However, it has been our experience that gardeners who truly understand turf, including weed identification and control, fungus diseases and how to stop them, and how to keep your lawn green and healthy, are few and far between. Please don’t misunderstand – gardeners provide a valuable and much needed service in our community and we do appreciate them. But, are they really qualified to meet your expectations regarding the health and beauty of your lawn beyond just cutting and throwing down fertilizer?

So what does Weed Man offer that my gardener may not? The first thing is our expertise. We require our technicians to be Landscape Industry Certified through the University of Georgia in conjunction with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NAPL). This is a year-long course that covers every aspect of lawn care science including turf grass and weed identification, disease and insect identification, fertilization practices, soil types and pesticide regulations.

Second, we offer unmatched, detailed service. You will get a call or text message the day before your scheduled service to let you know we will be coming the following day. When you start service, your technician will get to know you and your property and will treat your lawn as if it were his own. He will leave you detailed notes about what he did and what he observed and will call you if something needs immediate attention.

Lastly, we offer our Weed Man Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of a Weed Man application, just call us. Providing the issue is something within our control, we’ll keep working on your lawn at no additional cost to you until the problem is resolved.

There is much more to lawn care than simply mowing and edging. So, the next time your gardener offers to “handle everything,” you might ask him if he has an applicator’s license. Ask him if he can name the three types of fungus that regularly plague our valley lawns. Ask him to explain the difference between “quick release” vs. “slow release” fertilizers. Ask him to explain the difference between a dry spot and disease. And, ask him what his plan is for keeping crabgrass out of your lawn this spring. If you aren’t satisfied with the answers, call us.

We believe in what we do and we are confident that we have the expertise and commercial grade products that will give you the beautiful, green and healthy lawn you hope for. Oh, and did we forget to mention that we offer free evaluations? If you decide to use our service, there are no contracts. Our work speaks for itself. We figure, if you like the way your lawn looks, you will keep using our service and this inspires us to do our very best for you. So call Weed Man today and let us help you transform your lawn into something you are proud of.