SPLIT: A Psychological Thriller

(Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures)

8 out of 10

Psychological thriller “Split” offers a look inside the life of a man with multiple personalities.

James McAvoy stars in the lead role as Kevin Wendell Crumb, the man with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Crumb’s personalities in the film include a boy named Hedwig, a man named Dennis, a woman named Patricia and a “beast.” The film is like a rollercoaster because each personality offers a different type of mood and environment.

The action gets going from the get-go as Dennis kidnaps three girls in the opening scene and then locks them up in his basement.

Confused and frightened, the girls look for a way out and turn to Hedwig, one of the personalities, to help them escape. However, every time they inch closer to escaping, the Dennis personality emerges and locks them up again.

Crumb periodically visits with his psychiatrist, Dr. Karen Fletcher, who grows more and more suspicious and concerned of her patient as the film goes on. Refusing to give Dr. Fletcher a glimpse of his mysterious personal life, she pays him a surprise visit to see what is really going on. After wandering around Crumb’s home, she eventually finds the girl locked up but soon finds herself in a dangerous position.

After separating the girls and locking them up in separate rooms to avoid a plot against him, Crumb evolves into his final personality which he continuously refers to throughout the movie as “The Beast.”

The girls, not knowing what he keeps referring to, eventually get to see “The Beast” and the malice that comes with it.