At Lunch with the Roundup: The Meat Market

By Nick Baker

The Meat Market at 1990 N. Fowler Ave. in Clovis has been packing its grills full of tri-tips for years, even offering special days dedicated to the California known meat called “tri-tip Tuesdays”. During this day of tender meat dedication you can get a full tri-tip, quart-sized side and a two liter soda all for 24.99.

A tri-tip is a simple cut, the cut is a small, triangular muscle carved from the bottom of the sirloin. Pre World War two most butchers would use this meat for stews or cut it into steaks. Shortly after the conclusion of the war, Santa Maria native Bob Shultz had an idea that would change all of our taste buds forever. In the 1950s, Schultz first decided to grill it as a whole roast, according to the industry group Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion and Research Board.

This cut of meat adopted the common name “Santa Maria tri-tip” due to the origin of the cut of meat. Once this flavorful, juicy, succulent cut of meat was discovered, it became an instant California classic, especially across the Central Valley.

Despite its versatility and full flavor, only eight percent of the nation’s tri-tip is sold outside of California, according to a report in the Modesto Bee. Most of the modern nation knows the cut today as brisket. Though often prepared differently, the Texas famous brisket and tri-tip are indeed the same cut of meat. Here in Fresno, The Meat Market sells a wide variety of meats but by far its specialty is the California famous tri-tip. The Clovis Roundup would like to thank the Clovis “The Meat Market” for all of the delicious tri-tip sandwiches we recently got the pleasure to sample. As a whole, the consensus of the staff was the same across the board, delicious, juicy and bursting with flavor. Highly recommended.

In conclusion,when you get one in your hands, you have two recipe options: grill it as you would a whole steak, or cube it for kebabs. I personally prefer an overnight soak in teriyaki sauce and a simple combination of olive oil, black pepper, crushed garlic, and a pinch of our local favorite Pappy’s seasoning. Whatever you do, cook it whole as you would a roast or steak, preferably on the grill. Many choices of preparation may cross your mind but you might want to stick to the basics, tacos, steaks or kebobs. Whichever journey you chose with your tri tip remember, you can’t go wrong with a piece of meat from The Meat Market.

Note: Due to the ongoing road construction, it is recommended to drive in from the south side of Fowler Avenue to ensure the fastest route.