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Our job here at the Clovis Roundup is to get your business seen by our readers and to continuously develop that readership. We even take it a step further and strive to provide advertising rates that are affordable to small business owners. Regretfully, there is no one media that is right for every business and what works for one business may not work for another. If this were the case no small business would fail. Any experienced media buyer will tell you that it is important to first know your market. Who are your potential customers? How wide of an area does your business serve? Next, what is the most affordable and effective means to reach this market? Third, you need to develop a campaign and stick to it. Last of all when you find what works for your business, stick to it!

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“Since the first day I picked up the Clovis Roundup I was thoroughly impressed with the looks and content of the paper. I felt this was truly a unique paper that as a business owner I wanted to be included in. I immediately called and set-up an appointment and signed an advertising contract. That was two years ago and I have been advertising in every issue since.”

Jeri Kuddes, Guarantee Real Estate/Prather

“When the Clovis Roundup first began publishing we started advertising the Museum since then our monthly visitors have continued to increase. I immediately had people come in and tell me that they never knew Clovis had a museum. This was not the case when we advertised with other media.”

Peg Bos, Clovis Historical Society

“I began advertising in the Chamber Insider when the Clovis Roundup first started publishing and distributing it and have been doing so since then. I would not be doing this if I did not get results. I have advertised in other media and got no results. I get results with the Clovis Roundup that is why I continue to advertise with them. During the past two week period I had five new clients come in with the ad in their hand.”

Teresa Stevens, CPA

“I just wanted to pass on kudos for your paper. I assume it does not make a million dollars so it must be a labor of love. I enjoy the articles and learning of the rich history of our great community. Keep up the great work. You are yourself a Clovis jewel.”

Kent A. Lubratich, CLU Lutcf/President EBAC

“I read your Oct. 27th edition of the Clovis roundup today for the first time. I picked it up while at B.J.s coffee shop on Cedar Ave. this morning. I commend you on the newspaper the information and homey newsy columns inside were interesting. I especially enjoyed the column Clovis PD Log of Shame. Keep up the good work.”

Eileen F. Moor

“Thank you so much for the article you wrote about me and my family for the Fresno County Mother of the Year award. You did such a great job capturing our family and heart.”

Kristine Robinson, 2015 Fresno County Mother of the Year

“Your story on my wife Karyn was wonderful! Karyn and I have been sharing it with everyone we know and have asked them to share it also. You really encapsulated our story better than anything that’s been printed about or shared about us before.” – Jim Jakobs

“Hi. I was recently appointed Campus President of Willow International Community College Center and one of the State Center Community College District campuses and I had an opportunity to read your August 2nd 2012 issue. I enjoyed reading the article “The Way They Were – Clovis High Class of ’42 Hold Reunion as my Auntie Mine Ikeda was one of the students from that class.”

Deborah J. Ikeda

“Not only are the articles of much interest, but with the circulation you have, the ads do have an impact.  A few weeks ago, we ran an ad on area rugs and we were happy and amazed at the interest that the ad generated.  Even though we also use other media, The Roundup was the only one that featured area rugs and our sale was just great.  Keep up the wonderful work as you have discovered two dynamic qualities: 1) Free to the consumer and 2) Affordable to the advertiser.  Thanks for all your help!”

Larry and Pat Grossi, Bear Creek Gifts

“It’s nice to see a newspaper where the positive is emphasized. Clovis Roundup has news that uplifts.”

Christopher Bundros, CPA

“Eight years ago, Ken and Donna Melchor launched the Clovis Roundup community newspaper. They saw the future (and present) of successful newspapers: massive (NYT, LA Times) or hyperlocal.

You won’t find national news in the Roundup. You’ll find original, local content about the things that people LOVE about Clovis. And, it’s well-designed, personal, and readable. I’ve watched their team constantly improving, redesigning, and tweaking until this is a newspaper that would stand out anywhere.

As I hear that the Bee is shutting down the The Clovis Independent (again!) … how did they miss the mark? They’ve let go the people who write about the things that people LOVE about Fresno (art, culture, events – please not food and restaurants next).

The Clovis Roundup needs your support! No, they don’t need “charity readers” … they’re doing very well, thank you. Pick up a copy and you’ll see why. But their team needs your love with the passing of Ken Melchor and community papers around the country who are doing it right need to continue reaping the rewards.

Like their Facebook page, pick up a copy, tell a friend, share this story. Easy things to do that make a difference.”

Beth Bridges, Networking Motivator

“I have been advertising with the Clovis Roundup for two years. I saw an immediate increase in business and have continued to get results. Most recently when I advertised my tri-tip Tuesdays my business tripled on that day. I am now advertising our new-old location at Chestnut & Clinton.”

Anna Tasier, The Meat Market

“Imagine this. At a breakfast meeting I attended this morning I received a plaque in recognition of service to agriculture and . . . It was from Senator Berryhill given by the lady in charge of his Fresno office — Mary Alice Kaloostian all because she read the Roundup article about me. She passed around the issue with the article and I was made to feel — wanted if not needed. I thought Carol did an outstanding job with the article.”

Don Valenzuela, Don Valen’s Autobody

“Since we began advertising in the Clovis Roundup we have seen our business increase steadily. The Roundup has proven to be an excellent way to get our name out to the wonderful people of the Clovis community and we are enjoying the many new customers!”

Rosanne, Don Valen’s Autobody

“I just wanted to thank you for the free newspaper. I have lived in Clovis for 21 years and took the Clovis Independent until they stopped publishing. I am really enjoying hearing about Clovis and thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the paper.”

Charisce Williams

“I raided one of the boxes that your paper comes in on Wednesday and was absolutely delighted by the article you wrote about our Collaborative Mentoring program! It was clear, concise, well-written and I really felt like you got to the heart of the program. A heartfelt thank you from all of us over here!”

Dava Parks

“I read the multi-page article Paul wrote for the TRAC awards and I thought it was phenomenal. It was so comprehensive and you can tell how much Paul had studied all the programs and all the accolades. To tell the students’ stories, and the coaches and the teams was very special so I want to thank you on behalf of our coaches, our teams, our athletic directors, our principals and our entire administrative team. You really touched everyone’s hearts and I know our student athletes are thrilled by these honors and the certificates. The fact that you took the time to do this and the phenomenal article you presented to the whole community is amazing and I know it will be a keepsake for the families of these students.”

Janet Young, Clovis Unified Superintendent, at the Aug. 12, 2015 board meeting

“Thanks for publishing such a great article about Betsy and our programs out here at Abundant Life Ranch. It was so fun to read about our amazing founder and to have the ranch spoken of in the public eye. Reading it was a real treat.”

Lindsey Lewis, Abundant Life Ranch

“I have been advertising with the Clovis Roundup for the past two years and do not plan to stop doing so. I run the same ad in the Fresno Bee as I do with the Clovis Roundup. However I get a much larger return with the Clovis Roundup ad and only continue to run the Fresno Bee for my Fresno locations.”

Farmer Boys of Clovis

“Huge thank you for your hard work in creating the best print story on the [Pancreatic Cancer Victory] tour to date!”

Laurence Cohen, Lazarex Cancer Foundation

“Thank you for the great job you did on the article on Mike. We are all very proud of Mike and you did a fabulous job.”

Lois Vuicich

“Congratulations on the wonderfully written article about George Palmer. George has read the story at least three times. Diana really nailed it for him! Thank you so much.”

Gary Stratton

“The Clovis Roundup has been a great addition to the community. We love cooperating with the Roundup in every way.”

Ginny Hovespian, President of the Clovis Unified School Board

“Thank you so much for the beautiful article you wrote about my club, Building Bridges. It has garnered a lot of positive feedback throughout the community amongst both the abled and disabled, which is awesome. It has started a lot of positive dialogue, including teachers at other schools who are interested in starting up a similar club on their campuses!”

Sheri Johnson, Cole Elementary School